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DebbieTay Comedy Hypnotist
Debbie Taylor MA, CHt, CI

About DebbieTay

Debbie Taylor is not only a stage hypnotist she is also a certified consulting hypnotist (CHt) in private practice at Intuitive Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon and a certified hypnosis instructor (CI) at the Portland School of Hypnosis. She enjoys performing hypnosis shows for corporate events, fund raisers, award dinners, corporate parties, seminars, colleges, universities, sororities, fraternities, high schools, graduations, comedy clubs, and other night spots. Her influences include the late Pat Collins “The Hip Hypnotist”, Las Vegas headliner Marc Savard, and her teacher Jerry Valley.

About the Show

The DebbieTay Comedy Hypnotist show is a great way to insure a successful event people will talk about for years! Each performance is unique, hilarious, and very unexpected because every participant on stage will react differently to the suggestions offered. DebbieTay (Debbie Taylor) begins each show by asking for volunteers to come onto the stage with her. She then addresses the audience and gives a brief explanation of what hypnosis is, along with a couple of audience participation examples. Debbie removes the myths commonly associated with hypnosis through her comments to the audience during various parts of the show. She strives, through her entertainment, to demonstrate the power of the mind to accomplish amazing things. The performance is approximately 60 minutes of pure, clean, informative fun!!!!