Fund Raisers

(For a printable version of this information please click here: Fund Raiser Handout Download.)

It’s a fact of life, many organizations need fundraising in order to accomplish their goals. If your school, church, or other non-profit organization is like most, it’s active in some form of fundraising campaign throughout the entire year.

Fund raising can be a fun and profitable experience!  Choosing the right product or service to offer for any fundraiser is an important factor to be considered. One of the most important considerations is to avoid duplicating a product or service that you know is already being offered by another group in your immediate area.

That’s why contracting with DebbieTay Comedy Hypnotist for your next fund raiser is such a great idea! Your school, church, or other non-profit organization can make considerable progress toward meeting their fund raising goals in just one night of fun and excitement, AND, with no out of pocket expense!

How does it work? All you have to do is call DebbieTay Comedy Hypnotist to schedule your show, provide a location for the show, and have students or other organizational members sell the tickets; we do the rest!

Students, parents, and community members alike love comedy hypnosis. It’s fun and memorable for everyone whether they’re on the stage or in the audience.

Here’s a typical scenario: Tickets generally sell for $20 each. Your organization keeps 50%, and DebbieTay Comedy Hypnotist keeps 50%. That means, if you sell 300 tickets, your school or organization earns $3,000! All in just ONE night!

Ticket price is negotiable depending on the size of your organization and your specific fund raising needs. It’s a win/win situation for everyone! And the best part is, once your community or school has experienced the DebbieTay Comedy Hypnotist show, they’ll be excited to come back next year, or maybe in 6 months, to see it again!

Comedy hypnosis is more fun than your typical fund raising, and can bring in more money in a shorter amount of time. Please call to schedule your fund raising event today! Share the  excitement and fun of comedy hypnosis!

(For a printable version of this information please click here: Fund Raiser Handout Download.)