Columbia River High School – Grad Night 2014

The DebbieTay Comedy Hypnotist show ended the grad night season with the Columbia River High School – Grad Night 2014 event. This show took place in Vancouver, Washington. This wonderful group of graduates made for great volunteers and an enthusiastic audience. What a great way to end the grad night season!

At the Beach

They’ve graduated from high school and they’re starting their summer vacation with a trip to a tropical beach. The go from basking in the sun to getting all hot and sticky, only encounter a cold thundershower where they end up freezing.


Smelling Bad, Smelling Good!

Phew! Who’s that horrible smell coming from? It turns out it’s the person sitting next to you. That’s easily the worst smell you’ve ever experienced. Fear not though, with the aid of some unique “oxygen masks” you can block that putrid odor! Now your neighbor is smelling really, really good and you can’t get enough!



They’re the Columbia River All-star Orchestra and they’re giving their final performance. Notice how the conductor’s butt itches every time the music goes faster!


Missing Butt, EIEIO Jr., Quack, and Applause Junkie!

DebbieTay, comedy hypnotist, give the volunteers various suggestions. In this hilarious clip you meet EIEIO Jr., Quack, the applause junkie who just knows she’s the star of the show, and someone with a missing butt!


Zirkanoid Dancers

They’re from the planet Zirkanoid and their favorite thing to do in all the universe is dance. Watch as these aliens from Zirkanoid strut their stuff!


At the Movies

These volunteers take a trip to the movies and experience the saddest scenes they’ve ever seen. But it’s not all melancholy because the movie changes and it’s now the funniest thing they’ve ever seen.


“Japanese” Exchange Student & Interpreter

With the aid of his “interpreter” DebbieTay interviews this “Japanese” exchange student.


Full-body “Sign Language” Interpreter

DebbieTay speaks to the audience and for the benefit of the “hearing impaired” she utilizes this “sign language” interpreter. Notice how he uses his whole body to convey her message!


Crazy Wiggle

It wiggles! It jiggles! It’s the hottest craze sweeping the nation and it’s called the “Crazy Wiggle.”


Missing Number Seven

DebbieTay, comedy hypnotist, erases all traces of the number seven from this lady’s memory. As a result she counts eleven fingers! Fortunately she’s not stuck with this condition permanently as DebbieTay restores the number seven to her before returning her to her seat.


Fancy Dancers & Bodybuilders

It’s the end of the show and time to release the volunteers back to their seats. But DebbieTay doesn’t just let them go, she has them strut their stuff as fancy dancers and bodybuilders on their way.