Hudson’s Bay High School – Grad Night 2015

Our final show for the 2015 graduation night season – Hudson’s Bay High School Grad Night 2015!

No More Number 7!

This student has had her memory wiped, and the number 7 is gone! That results in a count of 11 fingers no matter how you look at it. What would you do with 11 fingers?


My parents are making out!

A day at the movies, sad scenes, happy scenes, it’s all good until the love scene reveals your parents on the big screen!


Sign Language Childbirth

This student is translating a story using his whole body! DebbieTay is telling about the day all their mothers found out they were pregnant. He expertly translates the entire pregnancy experience from conception to delivery!


Breathe into my shoe!

Students open their eyes only to find that the person next to them smells rotten! Luckily, the shoes on the floor are also oxygen masks. As they breathe deeply, they soon find the person next to them smelling better and better!


Wiggly Body Parts

This new toy, the Crazy Wiggle, makes your body wiggle and jiggle as you pass from person to person using your hands, your feet, and even your tongue!