Lake Oswego High School – Grad Night 2014

The Lake Oswego High School – Grad Night 2014 event was our fourth show of this year’s grad night season. We traveled across the river up into Vancouver, Washington for what turned out to be our largest crowd ever. There were well over 200 in attendance! There were so many volunteers DebbieTay had a hard time walking among those seated on the floor. The show was great and everyone had a blast. Enjoy these nine clips from the show!

Dance Contest

These volunteers are competing in a dance contest for an imaginary $1,000 prize. Check out how well they dance to a variety of musical styles.


At the Beach

You’ve graduated from high school and you’re getting ready to start your summer vacation. What better way is there than to start with a trip to a tropical beach? DebbieTay, comedy hypnotist, has these graduates do just that with an imaginary trip in their minds. But it’s not all pleasant because these beach-goers soon find themselves getting really hot and sticky only to get drenched by a cold thundershower, where they end up freezing cold.



They’ve been practicing all year and now the Lake Oswego All-star Orchestra is ready to perform their final show. Notice what happens to the conductor when not everyone keeps up with the beat!


Odoriferous Neighbors!

Wow! Where’s that smell coming from? Yuck! DebbieTay, comedy hypnotist, convinces these volunteers that the person sitting next to them is emitting the worst odor they’ve ever smelled. But, being the kind soul she is, she doesn’t leave them suffering for long. She soon has the neighbors smelling really, really good!


“Japanese” Student and Interpreter

He understands English perfectly, but he can’t speak a word of it. So when DebbieTay interviews him she must enlist the help of his “interpreter.”


Missing Butt

Help! She’s lost her butt and she can’t sit down!


Crazy Wiggle

This high-tech vibrating gadget is all the rage. It’s called the “Crazy Wiggle” and it gets your body vibrating and wiggling wherever it touches.


Missing Number Seven

This poor young lady has lost the number seven! Now, when she counts her fingers she ends up with eleven. Wow!


Fancy Dancers & Bodybuilders

DebbieTay releases these volunteers to go back to their seats but she sends them back not as their normal selves but as fancy dancers and bodybuilders.