Silverton High School – Grad Night 2015

On June 6, 2015 the DebbieTay Comedy Hypnotist show headed down to the Kroc Corps Community Center in Salem, Oregon for the Silverton High School Grad Night 2015 festivities.

My Parents are Doing What?

A night at the movies beginning with a sad scene, then a funny one, and then a steamy love scene, which isn’t too bad until they are told that the stars of the love scene are their parents!


My Butt is Missing!

Here DebbieTay has selected individual students and given specific suggestions just for them. One has x-ray vision and can see through every one’s clothes, another is now named E.I.E.I.O.-Jr., and every time he says his name, another student begins quacking with laughter. Another student is missing his butt, and the gal on the end has been told that SHE is the star of the show and every time she hears applause she stands and waves to her adoring fans!


Smelling Bad, then Good, and Your Shoe is an Oxygen Mask!

Volunteers are told that the person next to them smells really bad, but they are in luck because the shoes on the floor are actually oxygen masks! We finish with the person next to them smelling really, really good!


Translating Childbirth!

This volunteer is very good at using his whole body to translate my story of his mother’s pregnancy. He expertly translates the experience all the way from conception, through the delivery, to graduation night!