St. Mary’s Academy – Grad Night 2014

We kick-started our grad night season with the wonderful ladies from St. Mary’s Academy in Portland, Oregon. This event took place in the wee morning hours on June 1st, 2014.

Dance Contest

Can you dance to a variety of different music styles? How about for $1,000 in imaginary prize money? Well, these ladies did!



DebbieTay, comedy hypnotist, convinces these ladies that they’re hot, then that they’re cold. And it’s all happening in their imagination!


They’ve been practicing all year for their final performance. See the ladies from the St. Mary’s Academy All-star Orchestra. Notice how the conductor has…issues.

Japanese & Sign Language Interpreters

DebbieTay, comedy hypnotist, works with a Japanese exchange student, her interpreter, and a full-body sign language interpreter.

Crazy Wiggle

It’s the latest craze and it’s called the “crazy wiggle.” Watch as DebbieTay, comedy hypnotist, gets these ladies to play with an imaginary, vibrating toy.


When DebbieTay, comedy hypnotist, ends a show she never has the volunteers leave with their normal personas. Take a look to see how these ladies exit the stage!