Toutle Lake High School – Grad Night 2014

The DebbieTay Comedy Hypnotist show traveled up to Centralia, Washington to do the Toutle Lake High School – Grad Night 2014 show for this wonderful group of graduates. There were only thirty-three graduates for this event but they participated as well as, or even better than, some of our bigger crowds. Congratulations Toutle Lake High School graduating class of 2014!

Dance Contest

How well can you dance to a variety of different musical styles? These volunteers find out as they compete for a “$1,000” prize.


At the Beach

What better way is there to start your summer after graduating from high school than with a trip to a tropical beach? All is not so perfect in paradise though. These volunteers find themselves getting hot and sticky and beset with bugs only to get drenched by a thunderstorm and end up freezing.



The Toutle Lake All-star Orchestra has been practicing all year for this performance. Let’s see how they do. Pay special attention to the conductor and his special problem!


Missing Belly Button, Applause Junkie, and EIEIO Jr.!

DebbieTay, comedy hypnotist, works with someone who has lost his belly button, a lady who just knows that all the applause and laughter are just for her, and she interviews a lady with a very unique name. Hilarious!


Odoriferous Neighbors!

First they stink to high heaven, then when they think they can’t stand it anymore everything changes and these volunteers find their neighbors to smell irresistibly good!


At the Movies!

These moviegoers ride the gamut of emotions from extremely sad to extremely funny!


“Japanese” Student and Interpreter

This graduate understands English perfectly well, but he can’t speak it. So DebbieTay must enlist the assistance of his “interpreter”.

Full-body “Sign Language” Interpreter

For the benefit of the “hearing impaired” visitors this volunteer translates DebbieTay’s speech into actions. Seriously funny!


It’s Crazy Wiggle Time!

It’s the latest in high tech gadgets and it’s creating a craze that’s sweeping the nation. It’s called the “Crazy Wiggle!”


Missing Number Seven

EIEIO Jr. loses the number seven from her memory and ends up counting eleven fingers!


Fancy Dancers and Bodybuilders!

In keeping with the tenor of the show, DebbieTay doesn’t just dismiss the volunteers, she sends them out in character. Watch as these volunteers transform from ordinary high school graduates into fancy dancers and bodybuilders.