Yamhill Carlton High School – Grad Night 2014

The Yamhill Carlton High School – Grad Night 2014 event was the second time that DebbieTay Comedy Hypnotist has performed for Yamhill Carlton High School. The first time was for the 2011 grad night event. Both times the graduates were excellent volunteers and a fun audience to perform for. The location for this show was ideal too; we had an actual stage and an in-house sound system.

Check out these hilarious clips from the show!


What a better way to celebrate your graduation from high school than with a trip to a tropical beach. But that warm sun quickly turns hot and then, just when you think you can’t stand it anymore, a storm rolls in and next thing you know you’re sopping wet and freezing!


 Bad/Good Smell

Pee-yew! DebbieTay has these volunteers convinced that there’s a horrible odor emanating from the persons around them, and they can hardly stand it! All is not lost, however, because with the help of some ingenious oxygen masks they get some relief and soon find out that their neighbors are now smelling downright good!



See the Yamhill Carlton All-Star Orchestra performing their final show of 2014, along with their itchy butted conductor.


Zirkanoid Dance

DebbieTay convinces these volunteers that they are from the planet Zirkanoid and that their favorite thing to do in all the universe is dance. Watch as these aliens boogie!


Sad/Funny Faces

We’re at the movies! At first the movie is the saddest experience these volunteers have ever known. Fortunately it switches gears and becomes the funniest thing they’ve ever seen!


‘Japanese’ Exchange Student and Interpreter

DebbieTay interviews a ‘Japanese’ foreign exchange student, with the aid of his interpreter.


A Full-body Sign Language Interpreter

DebbieTay enlists the help of a ‘full-body’ sign language interpreter to translate her words into actions.


It’s Crazy Wiggle Time!

It’s the latest craze and it’s called the “crazy wiggle.” Watch as DebbieTay, comedy hypnotist, gets these volunteers to play with an imaginary vibrating toy.


Missing Number Seven

This poor lady has all traces of the number 7 erased from her memory! She ends up counting 11 fingers. Fortunately, DebbieTay restores her memory and all is right with her world again.


Fancy Dancers & Bodybuilders

When DebbieTay ends a show she doesn’t just send the volunteers back to their seats. Where’s the fun in that? Instead, she has them leave with a new persona. Check out these fancy dancers and bodybuilders.